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    Granny's Cozy Quilt of Memories

    (Werbung, unbezahlt|ad, unpaid) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 Everything reminds Amy of her recently deceased, beloved Granny. Throughout the day, she constantly remembers small and big experiences she's had with her grandmother. She misses her laugh and she misses sharing things with her. Remembering Granny makes Amy sad. But then her mom gives her a colorful patchwork quilt Granny had made just for Amy before she died. The quilt is made up of lots of different pieces of fabric – each one telling a memory from Amy's family. One piece, for instance, came from Granny's wedding dress, another from Amy's baby blanket and yet another from Granny's…

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    The Kissing Hand

    (Werbung, unbezahlt|ad, unpaid) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 "The Kissing Hand" is a book that is perfect for today's International Kissing Day! In it, Chester Racoon is scared of his first day of school. His mother tells him she knows a wonderful family secret that will take away his worry. It is called the Kissing Hand. She gently kisses Chester right in the middle of his palm and he feels her love for him surging right through him. Whenever he feels lonely or scared being away from home, he presses his hand to his cheek and is reminded of the love that always surrounds him. © Tanglewood…

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