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    Granny's Cozy Quilt of Memories

    (Anzeige|ad) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 Everything reminds Amy of her recently deceased, beloved Granny. Throughout the day, she constantly remembers small and big experiences she's had with her grandmother. She misses her laugh and she misses sharing things with her. Remembering Granny makes Amy sad. But then her mom gives her a colorful patchwork quilt Granny had made just for Amy before she died. The quilt is made up of lots of different pieces of fabric – each one telling a memory from Amy's family. One piece, for instance, came from Granny's wedding dress, another from Amy's baby blanket and yet another from Granny's favorite apron.…

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    Aaaarrgghh! Spider!

    (Anzeige|ad) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪   Don't let this lonely spider frighten you! She just wants to be a family pet – and she thinks she would make a better one than the typical dog or cat. But every time this cute and clever spider tries to impress her chosen family, she scares them instead. Until the day she unwittingly enchants them with a sparkly surprise.   © HarperCollins © HarperCollins This lovely picture book by Lydia Monks is sure to enchant you, too!The glittering spider web on the cover already fascinates the viewer and the little spider looks cute as a button. Monks' cartoonish illustrations…

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    My Beautiful Voice

    (Anzeige| ad) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 A shimmering cover beckoning you to open the book and see what is inside. Vibrant and vivacious colours streaming at you. A lively, shiny and joyful teacher exploding into the classroom and telling her students about her thrilling adventures around the world. A school poetry performance! A little girl, shy to be seen and heard. The anticipation, will she write a poem of her own and perform it in front of her peers? A touching and tender relationship between a supportive teacher and her student. Goosebumps when the little girl conquers her fears and finds her voice. Her beautiful voice!…

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    What Happened to You?

    (Anzeige|ad) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 Joe loves playing pirates and dodging crocodiles and sharks. What he doesn't love so much is children he hasn't met yet. Their first question when they see he only has one leg is ALWAYS an astonished "What happened to you??". When Joe doesn't answer, since he's upset about the same old question, the children come up with their own fanciful ideas about the reason for his one-leggedness and bombard him with questions about his missing leg. Only one girl notices his distress and introduces herself to him asking about the pirate game he's playing. "What Happened to You?" (ad)*  is a…

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    The Kissing Hand

    (Anzeige|ad) 🇩🇪 Klick hier für die deutsche Rezension. 🇩🇪 "The Kissing Hand" (ad)* is a book that is perfect for today's International Kissing Day! In it, Chester Racoon is scared of his first day of school. His mother tells him she knows a wonderful family secret that will take away his worry. It is called the Kissing Hand. She gently kisses Chester right in the middle of his palm and he feels her love for him surging right through him. Whenever he feels lonely or scared being away from home, he presses his hand to his cheek and is reminded of the love that always surrounds him. © Tanglewood &…

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